Microsoft Service Agreement Email Hoax

I got an email this morning saying: below. I guess that`s true, but the email had attached a PDF address that I found a bit strange. The link looks legitimate. I received three emails like this on my Hotmail account. One on April 6 and two on April 15. You will receive this email because we update the Microsoft Services agreement, which applies to one or more Microsoft products or services you use. Have just received 2 copies of this identical email in the last 6 hours. Is this a scam – I have not yet clicked on the link, the email domain is `Hotmail` I received an email scam about a week ago about Microsoft Hi Kates, thanks for your reply! I didn`t click anything, I thought it was a bit weird… Normally, you accept the points of use of this kind of thing by continuing to use the service. You can easily see that this is a phishing email/scam by moving the mouse cursor over the link. You will see that the link is not a Microsoft address. But they are sure to offer you an ultimatum in a very nice way.

And the 3 days of reading the “agreements” give me something I can focus on when I retire. I got an email from Microsoft that I think is a scam: I had an email topic was notification that my account is terminated if I didn`t check my account and I only have 7 days to do so. I clicked the Check button here, but I was warned by Google that they are being flagged as an unsecured address and phishing. I tried to contact the Microsoft support chat, but it wasn`t a good honest experience. Then I went into the community and it helped me respond accurately. I marked them as a phishing and reported them and I advise others to do so even if such an email is received. Thanks for using Microsoft products and services. These are questions you need to know for determne if you receive an email from Microsoft or a fraud. However, you should never click on a link in an email. Enter the site address directly into a browser and log in from it. this LQ AREbmAAAAAARIAEADE9t6LEIrkRor%2FcPVIXojX-thumbnailType-2-owa-outlook. 0D5TXsEGNgYBM03euOtze1U0MqgGCa BAi2NpmnnK-7FQQQhvs. Microsoft sends emails like this once or twice a year 1d1WYC1UKEG2y4G1qjLquZ4AIRgQ0qdxNCiUB_r38jxqDXkeoyZKELBhk96Wn799BNh45q_alrqXg ivJAfvs77NrwThQHIJyebwm_KhQb_HGZUSwH0WqAXceCikYwZI1RUZvaMvKSSrgkknFWQHV4fs503jg_fXcnfdy1q6EjlxPAWW_L eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjU2MzU4ODUyMzRCOTI1MkRERTAwNTc2NkQ5RDlGMjc2NTY1RjYzRTIiLCJ4NXQiOiJWaldJVWpTNUpTM2VBRmRtMmRueWRsWmZZLUkiLCJ0eXAiOiJKV1QifQ.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.Nx0Z_FAjA9zLVDBfhOrvWwtW41LA90q_Ook126fFCzebcRlVRJPpImeyFhclGc5bTivUP5Ch1pPuqs9xIMjn8s48RGyops_ oqIQqcmTa5OyE4zD_IyVmz2lNi0NO9WUm0oarql8DvSeifrDNQC9GlP8. This email is legitimate and you don`t need to read the whole thing..